Metal fabrication is an integral process in the construction industry. It is the process of creating different metal components for regular use in construction projects. Professional fabricators are involved in cutting, bending, and assembling the metals according to the requirements of the construction site. With the help of proper metal fabrication, specific structures and components are created that become useful for the construction project site. 

For metal fabrication in East Sussex, contact professional and reliable fabricators. Here are the four metal fabrications commonly used in the construction industry. 

Common Types of Metal Fabrication in the Construction Industry 

  • Structural Steel Fabrication 

For building constructions, structural steel fabrications are essential. Fabricators are being hired to construct skyscrapers, steel bridges, and large buildings for the structural steel fabrication process. In this process, steel, which is a versatile material, is shaped into different shapes and sizes as per the requirements of the building. Structural steel fabrications are ideal for the creation of complex structures. 

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication 

This fabrication process uses sheets of metal. It is commonly used for roofs, HVAC, and other building structures. The sheet metal used for this fabrication process is lightweight; hence, it can be customised into any shape you’re looking for. 

  • Custom Metal Fabrication 

This is the process of creating customised metal fabrications according to the building’s requirements. For custom metal fabrication, the builders, welders, fabricators, and designers work together to understand the needs and produce the fabrications accordingly. 

  • Ornamental Metal Fabrication

This is the process of creating ornamental or designer metal fabrications to add decorative elements to an architectural structure. These ornamental metal designs are used mainly in railings, gates, fences, and other parts of structures. Ornamental metal fabrications are not a regular requirement in the construction industry, but they are required to add aesthetics to the building. 

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