The main gates of a home are the secured points beyond which trespassing is a crime. However, not all types of doors are safe and provide complete security to the property. If you want a secured door for your house, approach professional metalworkers for bespoke metal gates in Crawley. Your builder might develop the most robust gate for your entrance. However, the design and the material might be vulnerable. This will endanger the whole property.

Among the different materials, wrought iron, metal and aluminium are the three most durable and common materials used to build impactful and secured gates for the property. 

What are the Types of Secured Gate Designs?

Estate Gates 

A huge estate gate is the perfect and most secure solution if your house is on the busy streets. It is available in single and double swing, making the property look grand. They are timeless designs and are generally made of wrought iron. The height of these gates is long, with an arch on the top, which prevents burglars from crossing the gate. Moreover, they are huge and can only be cut or opened with little noise. 

Driveways Gates 

These gates come with locking facilities. You can install a driveway gate at the front of the property with electronic and keyless locks and operate the same from within the rooms. They are designed to open either with a swing or slide. You can also affix CCTV at the entrance point of these doors to check on the activities. 

What are the Materials Used for Secured Gates?


It is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making it a favourable option for front gates. They can be easily installed and operated since the gates are aluminium and lightweight. Moreover, aluminium gates do not require additional maintenance services. They also add to the aesthetics of the property. 

Wrought iron 

Wrought iron gates are always an aesthetic option and add sophistication to the property. They are durable and can give the homeowner complete peace of mind for the coming 10 to 15 years once the same has been installed. They are, however, not corrosion-resistant and need rust-proof treatments often. 


The best option is to install bespoke metal gates that are robust and highly durable. Moreover, bespoke metal gates offer advanced security features as well. They can withstand all types of weather conditions and require very low maintenance. 

Contact Island Metalworks for years of experience creating bespoke metal gates in Crawley. Make sure that you get the best gates for your property and enhance safety.